Suvisa Building

Sustainable Construction Criteria


The building will be the future corporate headquarters of the SUVISA company, which will have its industrial and commercial activity on the lower floor and its offices on the first floor.

The upper floors (second to fourth) will be for tertiary and residential use.

It also has two floors of underground parking.

It is a building designed for maximum energy savings through the use of reasonably-priced technical solutions and using existing technology on the market.


  • Location: c/ Pallars, 116. 22@ Barcelona. Sector Llull · Pujades · Ponent
  • Developer: Suvisa SA
  • Status: Construction project
  • Size: 5.640 m²
  • Team: Marc García-Durán, José Luís Echeverría, Bernat Ros, Montserrat Galindo, Roger Mermi, Simone Branchini, Oriol Palou (Sustenta)Josep Maria Temples (GEPRO)

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