Pere IV Building

Pere IV Building


The project consists of two distinct operations: on one hand, the action on an existing building facing Pere IV Street, which underwent a complete rehabilitation; and on the other hand the design of a building with underground parking that replaced the adjacent warehouse, accessed from Pallars Street, that was completely deteriorated. The project allowed for the conversion of the industrial tower into an office building; its formal characteristics were preserved and it was given the infrastructure necessary to function properly; the recent history of both the building and its surroundings were preserved; allowing the new use of the rehabilitated building to take advantage of the large span and high clearance structure. However it was necessary to dispense with the warehouse due to its deterioration and instead a low building with a similar profile to the original is projected. It will be composed of two levels, for business premises, with access through a small patio equipped with ramps and stairs.


  • Location: 22@ Barcelona. Sector Llull · Pujades · Ponent. c/ Pere IV, 51
  • Developer: Padas
  • Status: Constructed
  • Size: 5.560 m²
  • Team: Marc García-Durán, Igor Peraza, Matías Pintó, Kenneth Bonifaz, Christian Oliver, Salvador Gil, Sigrid Oslud, Gustavo Melón, intervención del artista plástico Pedro Núñez.

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