Oveja Negra Vertical Extension


The project of building a vertical extension on the protected Oveja Negra building in Poblenou, arises from the need to reduce the density of the block where it is located, moving buildability from the center of the block and placing it on top of one of the existing buildings.

On top of the original building, the new volume is raised on a triangle structure supported along the perimeter, making its construction possible and not only maintaining the original building intact but also reducing construction time by using prefabricated parts for different segments of the new body.


  • Location: 22@ Barcelona. Sector Llull · Pujades · Ponent. c/ Pallars con c/ Zamora
  • Status: MPMU approved / Pre-project
  • Size: 3.380 m²
  • Team: Marc García-Durán, Ruta Barisaite, Oriol Palou (Sustenta), Simone Branchini

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