I love to loft


And who are looking for a building

That makes them fall in love

With flats without hallways, with terraces

And natural light and ventilation

Silent and intimate, when necessary

That helps you to be healthy

To live and work

With few but fantastic neighbors (because they’re like you)

With clear rules and a web-based homeowner community

Designed with criteria that you can understand, with usability in mind

Efficient and controllable energetically and easily technifiable

That helps you recycle

That uses rainwater

That is made with materials that last

That needs little maintenance

And helps you finance your purchase

….and that can be easily reconfigured, allowing a variety of uses, with almost no construction.

And in which it’s easy to make repairs or to update technology

Because it’s made with an ecological, technological and financial conscience

Where you can park your vehicles (if have them) or use the space for something else.

And in addition it’s safe in case of fire or theft

In short, a flat that can accompany you throughout your life…

And that is an intelligent investment, with a good ROI in tangibles as well as intangibles.


  • Location: Barcelona
  • Developer: ELIX
  • Status:Project consultancy
  • Size: 3.000 m²
  • Team: Marc García Durán, Simone Branchini, Claudia Alvarez

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