Hotel GAIA


The Advance Gaia Hotel is the design, construction and development of an eco-hotel in Barcelona, which offers an ethical and practical response to environmental problems, resource consumption, health concerns and social responsibility. The building will have sustainable characteristics and a distinct design (eco-iconic) helping the developers display their credentials and receive recognition for the sustainable construction.

It will be the first hotel development in Barcelona with a high-level LEED certification (minimum gold level) and will offer its future owners and investors the guarantee of a product of rigorous sustainability.


  • Location: Barcelona
  • Developer: Concorde Hotels
  • Status: Standby
  • Size: 12.000 m²
  • Team: Marc García-Durán, Simone Branchini, François Guisan, Gabriela Castellanos, Jolanda Marrone, Alessio Palma

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