Expo Zaragoza Pavilion


The pavilion recreates the phenomenon of participation based on difference, diversity and cooperation.

The pavilion represents the vital generosity of those who, with their ideas, form an umbrella for possible solutions under which businesses and institutions are constantly taking shelter in order to keep abreast of what is happening in the daily life of citizens. It is this umbrella that people look to for answers: hence its ability to be a beacon.

The virtues of the pavilion.

  • An efficient pavilion
  • An integrated pavilion
  • An adaptable pavilion
  • An economic pavilion
  • A universal pavilion


  • Location: Zaragoza
  • Developer: ExpoZaragoza 2008
  • Status: Project
  • Size: 1.810 m²
  • Team: Marc García-Durán, Igor Peraza, Pedro Nuñez, Ignaci Pérez Arnal, José Maria Velasco, Ricard Salvadó, Pedro Gallo, Matías Pintó, Sabastian Monteagudo, Juan Pablo Quintero, Marta Sánchez, Kenneth Bonifaz, Simone Branchini.

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