Can Coll Competition


A development of this magnitude, in such an exceptional place, allows us to implement the most contemporary architecture, design and urban planning trends, like fulfilling the sustainability criteria that characterize the current Eco neighborhood concept in Europe.

With these terms we understand that the design of a “desirable” district is based on the following criteria:

  1. Social axis:

To facilitate access for everyone and promote “Green mobility”.
To provide programs that are concise, social and made up of different activities.
Shared services (social, leisure, logistic, cultural, mobility, etc.…).

  1. Energy axis(symbiosis with the surroundings):

Guarantee energy efficiency (reduce demand, effective work, optimize installations).
Maximize renewable energy, through an understanding of the regional energy capacities.
Absorb costs (re-using residual vapor/waste).
Minimize the waste of grey energy.

  1. Environmental axis:

Increase density to reduce regional ecological deficiencies.
Guarantee a healthy environment internally and externally (without toxins).
Manage floods and storm water.
Maintain and balance the biodiversity.

  1. Economic focus:

Promote healthy nutrition (local, rural economy).
Focus the product on the local resources (local economy).
Generate a real asset location for different audiences.
Generate benefits for the local economy and the public with stores.

  1. Cultural Focus:

Create/maintain the archeological, cultural and urban heritage (constructive).
Strengthen the understanding of the diversity of the existing landscape (dialogue between the project and the landscape).


  • Location: Sant Pere de Ribes
  • Developer:  Hines Interests Espana
  • Status: Competition – Honorable Mention
  • Size: 260.000 m²
  • Team: Marc García-Durán, José Luís Echeverría, Jorge Perea Solano, François Guisan, Emmanuel Pauwels, Luis Falcón, Laura Watchman, Mur & Clusa, Bernat Ros, Inland5 Landscape Design, Carlos García, Josep Maria Tremps, Enrique Rovira-Beleta, Simone Branchini, Monserrat Galindo, Jeff Clarke, Frederik de Smedt, Eftychia Papathanasiou, Roger Mermi, Victor Moreno, Humbert Costas, Arnau Orriols, David Perez.

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