BEMBA Restaurant


Macrobiotic-Gastronomic restaurant project in the Maremagnum building, with two rooms for 30 and 80 diners respectively.

The architecture is inspired by a Mediterranean cove, metaphorically placing ourselves with our back to the rocks, looking at the sea.

The kitchen is located between the two dining rooms as if it were a huge rock that contains, inside, the heart of the machine that is providing the food, but also the air, the light, and the energy that nourishes the space.

The rock and the beach are covered in wood, providing warmth and contrast. The abstraction is enhanced by the surrounding glass, which, in its own way, successively displays and hides the spaces of the two restaurants. Wood, glass, steel and ceramics form the tectonic palette.

In the larger restaurant, the furniture is a flexible system in which tables can be joined, separated and moved to create different configurations and adjusted to allow an original tray system in which all the dishes from the chosen menu fit.

In the small restaurant, the tables are round or oval and, in a direct homage to a certain French chef, are covered in white tablecloths over a soft perimeter, so that the diners’ legs aren’t trapped by the fabric. The configuration is less flexible here but the space per person is more generous.

In conclusion: Between the rocks and the sea: an ideal place to recover vital energy.


  • Location: Barcelona
  • Developer: Private
  • Status: Competition
  • Size: 520 m²
  • Team: Marc García-Duran, José Luis Echeverria, Estanislau Puig, Montserrat Galindo, Simone Branchini, Jeff Clarke.

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