ARE Vallbona

ARE Vallbona @Marc García-Durán, arquitecto
ARE Vallbona @Marc García-Durán, arquitecto
ARE Vallbona @Marc García-Durán, arquitecto

Sun study

ARE Vallbona @Marc García-Durán, arquitecto


Consultation for the organization of the ARE in Pla de Villbona (Barcelona)

The neighborhood as an active filter:

a. Permeable disposition and adaptation to environment.
b. Active elements of the urban filter (trees, buildings and degrees of permeability).

La Rambla central:

a. Absorption of the infrastructure and axis crossing.
b. Ease of Access and flexibility of the facilities.
c. Identity and concentration of social activity

Complexity, sequences and articulation of public space:

a. Uses as activators of internal relationship axes.
b. Sequences and fragmented paths as spatial identifiers.

Relation of scale and surroundings:

a. The Garden as a symbol of transition between the ecosystem and the urban system and a connector between different age groups (school, home and nursing homes).
b. The river as a nearby landscape and as a pedestrian connector to the sea.
c. The topography as a volumetric reference point and model against the wind.
d. Urban landscape: the most central body of the city of Barcelona as a visual background.


  • Location: Pla de Vallbona, Barcelona
  • Developer: Barcelona Regional
  • Status: Consultancy
  • Size: 326.000 m² s / 205.392 m² t
  • Team: Marc García-Durán, José Luis Echeverria, François Guisan (ADS).

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