Plàcid García-Planas Collection

Arts Santa Mónica opens an exhibition designed by Marc García-Durán, The War Correspondent’s Archive (Placid García-Planas collection)

Opening 18 th of December at 19.00 h. Archive Space.

Exhibition of archival and documentary material belonging to Plàcid Garcia-Planas (Sabadell, 1963), war correspondent for La Vanguardia, consisting of hundreds of objects found on battlefields. Through these objects, during more than 20 years, Garcia-Planas has constructed a vision of a world in conflict. A vision that goes beyond newspaper clippings or sensational anecdotes to become an introspective archeology into the human condition and raise issues like the limits between literature and journalism, oblivion and historical iterations and the very definition of conflict.

These objects, accompanied by fragments of articles, photos and video footage – evoke the geopolitics of everyday life, paradoxes of space and time or, among other issues, the invisible layers of the news.