Cookies policy

A cookie is a small file capable of storing information that is downloaded to a user’s computer for the purpose of being used to provide a more personalised and improved service. Different types of cookies exist and these can be classified according to the organisation that manages them, according to their purpose, or according to the duration of the time they are stored. At the CCCB we only use third-party cookies, which are cookies that are sent to the user’s terminal from a server or domain that is not managed by the CCCB but by other organisations that process the data obtained through such cookies. Specifically, the CCCB may use the following cookies from the following third parties:

  • Google Analytics (web analytics)
  • Vimeo (those added by this video-streaming site)
  • Youtube (those added by this video-streaming site)
  • Issuu (those added by this digital contents sharing site)
  • Social Networks (those that each network should adds for the buttons Like or Share)

Disable or eliminate cookies

In line with the legislation in force, Users may change their settings for the use of cookies at any time, and may allow, enable, disable, block or eliminate the cookies stored on their computer. To do so, it is necessary to modify the settings for the options of the browser installed on your computer.
Below we provide the links of the different browsers, through which these settings can be modified:

If you do not accept cookies, it is possible that the website will not function correctly.

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